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Hertz Car Rental, Human Resources (HR), 
False accusations against part time Bus driver Wolfgang Busch. Documents, emails and correspondence between Wolfgang Busch, The Hertz corporation and the unions.

The "Warning", see below, 
false accusations against Wolfgang Busch, which is on my record for 1 year. I have been singled out and my good name and my reputation is slandered by the Hertz corporation.

My response to the "Warning" false accusations.

Jennifer Hutt response to my letter about the false accusations.
The accusations f making my co-workers uncomfortable was now escalated to harassment.

 Why out of the blue would Hutt write another report about me, accusing me of harassing co-workers now? Did the co-workers change their minds, went back to Hutt and supposedly told Hutt that they changed their minds and that I didn't make them uncomfortable and that instead I harassed them? How is this change documented?

Follow up with IAM
Dora Cervantes, general secretary at the International Aoerospace and Machinists Union (IAM) 

Wolfgang Busch
28-15  47 Street
Astoria, NY 11103

February 7th, 2016

Dora Cervantes
General Secretary at IAM union
9000 Machinist Place, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

Subject: Follow up to the accusations made by union rep Mr. Motisi at the 447 union, district 15.

Dora Cervantes,

I am writing to ask you about the status of the documents I requested from you about the ongoing accusations by the 447 union rep. Mr. Motisi against me. I have requested them two times from your office and 3 times from the Hertz Corporation, but have not received the documents to back up the accusations against me. A “Warning” is now on my record for one year about something I didn’t do. Why isn’t anybody representing me or contacting me about this issue after reaching out to you?

Please contact me if you have further questions.

Thank you very much and your cooperation on this matter is very much appreciated.


Wolfgang Busch

Follow up with local 447, district 15

Wolfgang Busch
28-15  47 Street
Astoria, NY 11103

February 8th, 2016

447 Union, district 15
652 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Subject: Requesting documents about the accusations made against me by the 447 union, district 15.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to ask you to submit the documents about the accusations against me made by the 447 union. As a result of your accusations, a formal “Warning” was issued and was presented to me by Hertz area manager Jason Stiles, who told me that the local 447 union is behind the accusations, see document attached.

Your cooperation on this matter is appreciated.


Wolfgang Busch

Follow up emails with Hertz HR
Heather L. Camerano
Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Leighann Keehn-Bertuzzi, PHR

Human Resources Business Partner | 900 Doremus Ave. Newark, NJ 07114 

Mr. Busch,

As you stated you do not need to work overtime and I have confirmed that Nana understands that no part-time employee should be offered or allowed to work overtime. 

I also understand you disagree with the decision regarding discipline that was issued to you on May 15, 2015 and I respect your right to voice your concerns and disagreement.
That being said, the discipline has been reviewed and will remain in your file.  That decision is final and again we consider that matter is closed. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns please let me know.


Heather L. Camerano
Senior Human Resources Business Partner
Atlantic Region
The Hertz Corporation | 450 McClellan Highway, East Boston, MA, 02186, USA
Phone: 617-561-3090 | Mobile: 201-560-3399 | Fax: 866-222-3085 |

From: Wolf []
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2016 7:38 AM
To: Heather L. Camerano
Subject: Re: 3.29.16 Meeting Re-cap

Hello Heather,
I am writing to you, because you were cced on the email addressed to me by Leighann. I don’t know you and I don’t know if or how much you are involved in this corruption scam by the HR department at LaGuardia along with union representative Robert Motisi from the 447 local. Usually the lower level management follows the higher level managements order and in my case I just don’t know yet.

Here is an example how these people are operating and how they single people out to get them written up, resulting in “Warnings”.

My manager Nana asked me three times to work overtime, which is a direct violation for me to do, because the agreement states clearly that I am not allowed to work overtime.

The first time he asked me, I told Nana that I am not allowed to work overtime, because of the agreement but I appreciate the offer. He acted like he didn’t know about this and I was happy to have educated him. Now after I told him, he asked me two more times and every time I told him that I am not allowed to do it.

Looking at the big picture now, you can clearly see how they are setting me up by acting they are throwing me a bone, meaning over time and after I take it they go “GOTCHA”.

I mentioned it to David Vessering and I don’t know what he did with this information. In general when we have meetings with HR and constantly complain about the disrespect by management, it goes nowhere.

I feel I am being set up again by Nana, just like the harassment accusation, posting the flyer and non-distribution scam as I explained in my last letter you were cced on.

Take this for what it is worth. 

Wolfgang Busch

-----Original Message-----
From: Leighann Keehn Bertuzzi
Sent: Mar 29, 2016 4:37 PM
To: ""
Cc: "Heather L. Camerano" , "Louis L. Scarpelli" , "David A. Vissering"
Subject: 3.29.16 Meeting Re-cap
Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for meeting with Dave and I today.  In order to reaffirm the company’s position, I felt it appropriate to follow-up with an email.

We have engaged in the same conversation on multiple occasions throughout the last year.  In addition to the conversations and meetings, correspondence was sent reaffirming the company’s position.

I want to re confirm that we will not be removing the disciplinary warning dated May 15, 2015 from your employee file. We consider this matter to be reviewed, resolved and closed.

If you have any current items to discuss please feel free to reach out to your manager or Human Resources Business Partner.

Thank you for your continued professionalism and your dedication to your position.

Leighann Keehn-Bertuzzi, PHR
Human Resources Business Partner | 900 Doremus Ave. Newark, NJ 07114 | ' 973.465.6953 7 866.864.6043 ;

meeting agenda with HR David Vissering at Laguardia Airport

March 23rd, 2016

Meeting with David Vissering, Hertz local HR


1)      Characterizations
a. Wolfgang Busch miss-representation and characterization by Hertz
b. The Hertz Corporate Welfare Corporation
2)      Solicitation Accusations
a. Work Document History
3)      Posting a flyer on the union board
a. page three from union agreement
4)      Intimidation of my co-workers
a. letter to Hertz president John Tague and Union officials
5)      Follow up questions
6)      Meeting request with area manager and regional H.R. manager
a) Warning letter

Support material
1)      IAM Union Objector policy
2)      Union Objector submission
3)      Request to teach classes to co-workers
4)      Final Work Training Examination

meeting agenda with HR David Vissering

March 29th, 2016

2nd Meeting with Dave Vessering from HR Hertz

Subject: Hertz Car Rental Intimidation/Harassment and Slander of my Good Name accusations by H.R. Department and Management against part time bus driver Wolfgang Busch. I was not given a fair chance to resolve this problem and I have a perfect attendance record.


Characterization of Hertz Corporation
Additional information:
1)      Hertz topped the list of the top 100 unpaid Citation violators in 2009, not paying outstanding parking tickets.
2)      Consumer Affairs reports: Hertz is being slammed by customers by installing cameras in 1 out of 8 vehicles.
3)      National Labor Relations Board: Employer/Union Rights and Obligation violation.

Hertz Employee No-Solicitation and No-Distribution Rule accusation.
1)      at the last meeting on March 23rd, Dave Vissering pointed out to me on the Employee No Solicitation and Distribution flyer, that my violation is the no-distribution rule and he explained to me that I violated the handing out of a flyer.

2)      Does the Hertz Employee No-Solicitation and No-Distribution Rule apply to all employees or only to me? because employees are handing out materials all the time.

Hertz policy

3)      I told you about 11 examples of work documents being exchanged between my co-workers.
A)    my evaluation report from manager Julianne
B)    the bus drivers hand book work in progress I gave to Julianne
C)    the “Warning” document I received from manager Jason Stiles
D)    my response letter to Jason Stiles, why I am rejecting to sign this “Warning” document.
E)     the documents I received from HR Jennifer Hutt
F)     the agreement I was given by Shop Steward Mike Skinner

According to your policy and the way you explained it to me
all the managers and employees have violated the distribution rule over and over.
1)      How are you going to address this violation to the management?  and
2)      How would you explain to the Hertz president and the board of directors that the exchange of work documents is a violation among co-workers at LaGuardia?

Posting on Union Bulletin Board
I did not post anything on any bulletin board.

a)      What was posted on the board, I still don’t know after 11 months. Please release the information that was posted on the union bulletin board you are accusing me off.
b)      Why are you blocking to share this information with me
c)      Did you talk to the person that suppose to have seen me posting this flyer on the union board?
d)     Was it a Hertz employee?
e)      What day and what time did this suppose to have happened?

Additional Union Objector information
Quote from the National Labor Relations Board: Employer/Union Rights and Obligation violation. The Local 447, district 15 violated the following. Unions are obligated to tell all covered employees about the Union Objector option, which was created by a Supreme Court ruling and is known as the Beck right.

1) what is your response to that, because you are representing the unions in your accusations and you are speaking on the union behalf.

Making my co-workers uncomfortable/harassment
I did not make any co-workers uncomfortable or made anybody uncomfortable, because it is not my nature.

On May 28th 2015, I mailed a letter to Hertz president John Tague and Hertz legal William Circe to inform them about the meeting one of my co-workers had with Jennifer Hutt in regards of the questioning about the harassment that suppose to have taken place. I told you, that my co-worker told me that the questioning process by Jennifer Hutt was quote “Very Strange”.

1)      did you speak in person to any of the co-workers that I suppose to have made uncomfortable
2)      do you have a copy of the content of the conversation that made them feel uncomfortable and harassed. If so, can you share the content with me what they reported?
3)      At my meeting with union representative Robert Motisi, he told me that I intimidated three co-workers. This was the first time I heard about this. The next day, I told Jennifer Hutt what Motisi told me at the meeting. Jennifer Hutt told me in person, an oral contract, if I had intimidated anybody that she would have spoken to me about it in person and she told me what Motisi said was not true. How do you explain that Jennifer Hutt tells me in person that it was not true. Than she questioned co-workers after she told me it was not true. One co-worker she was questioning told me about it said, quote “Her questioning was very strange”, I showed you the letter to the Hertz president and legal department about the strange questioning.
a)      She orally made a contact with me to tell me in person if there was any intimidation's, she would talk to me in person, she never did and violated her oral agreement with me.
b)      Why out of the blue would Hutt than write another report about me, accusing me of harassing co-workers now? Did the co-workers change their minds, went back to Hutt and supposedly told Hutt that they changed their minds and that I didn't make them uncomfortable and that instead I harassed them? How is this change documented?

1)      who are you consulting with

2)      who is the area manager cced on the documents

my email to HR Camerano, Hertz HR Atlantic Region
April 12th, 2016

Subject: the continuation of false accusations against me by the Hertz Human Resources Department. I am falsely accused of Harassment, Intimidation, solicitation and posting on the union bulletin board by the Jennifer Hutt report.

Hello Heather Camerano,

Thank you for your email. I am writing to you, because I am rejecting your decision. I did not harass or intimidate any co-workers, nor did I do any solicitation nor did I post a flyer on the Union board.

Your ongoing accusations are a disgrace, because for 11 months I have been requesting the documents and reports to back up your accusations against me from the HR department, Jason Stiles, Jennifer Hutt, Dora Cervantes and Robert Roach from the IAM and the local union, who also failed to represent me in this case (Failure of representation).

The incompetence of the union and your department is very unfortunate, because a) you don’t give me a fair chance to represent myself to prove my innocence; b) your department made a statement that they don’t have any interest to help me to find the truth; c) after 11 months non of you have shown me ONE document to back up your accusations; d) your department made a statement that they can make stuff up like this; e) you are strategically blocking to share the documents; f) your department made a promise that they would put in writing that I didn’t post a flyer on the union board and than failed to do so.

You department is incompetent to conduct a proper investigation and you are covering up one lie with another.

Your actions prove and confirm that the document drafted by Jennifer Hutt is based on lies and the HR department dealing with this case is covering it up, including you. I have been singled out by the union and the Hertz HR department and you have no shame in slandering my good name and making those accusations against me.

The motivation behind this SCAM is Robert Motisi from the local 447 union.  I was told this by your own Jason Stiles.

Please introduce me to somebody in your company who actually cares about the employees and has the skill and interest to provide me with the reports the employees have to fill out when they make a complaint, so we can hold those people responsible for their actions.

I also have to ask you to stop accusing me and to stop slandering my good name.

Thank you for your cooperation

Wolfgang Busch

my letter to the General Secretary of the Internation Aorospace and Machinist Union (IAM) also known in the industry as one of the most corrupted unions in the United States.

Wolfgang Busch
28-15    47 Street
Astoria, NY 11103

September 8th, 2015

Subject: Robert Motisi investigation and additional intimidation document findings

Robert Roach, Jr, General Secretary – Treasurer
9000 Machinist Place
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Hello Mr. Robert Roach Jr.

I am reaching out to you, because of the still outstanding investigative report by your lawyer Mr. James Conigliaro Jr. from the Brooklyn 447 office, that was promised to me about the Mr. Motisi investigation. I am also sending you again documents about additional abuse of power by Mr. Motisi and Hutt, which I send to you in a letter dated on July 8th, 2015, but did not get a response from you.

I am resending you a document that was drafted by union representative Mr. Motisi from 447 and former Hertz HR employee Hutt for me to sign. The purpose of this document was to intimidate me and the abuse of power to make me sign a document accusing me about something I didn’t do. What exactly is your union representing, sir. I have send you this document before, but you choose to not to respond.

During my conversation/investigation with Mr. Conigliaro from your legal department, I learned quickly that this internal investigation was not about finding the truth rather than down playing this matter to protect Mr. Motisi and the 447 union. Even though Mr. Conigliaro apologized several times to me on the phone about Mr. Motisi’s behavior, he told me that a person with my education couldn’t be possibly intimidated by Mr. Motisi. This absurd play of words tactic and statement underlines how wrong Mr. Motisi is, this whole investigation by Mr. Conigliaro is and the process you set up sir, to find the truth about this matter. It makes me believe, that the purpose of this investigation is only to protect your organization and to down play it.

I am sending you the document again that was given to me by manager Mr. Stiles from Hertz to sign, which was drafted by Mr. Motisi and Hutt and my response to this document that was requested by manager Mr. Stiles, who told me who drafted this letter. Naturally, I requested in writing to show me the documents that let to this document for me to sign. To this date I have not received the requested documents of 1) what flyer I posted on the union board at Hertz LaGuardia location, 2) with whom I was to suppose to have had a meeting about this matter and in addition now I am also requesting 3) who are the three people I was suppose to have offended, and what was the contend to make them feel uncomfortable. I really need this documentation, sir.

Making those accusations without documentation is not expectable and the suggestion by your employee Lynn Tucker to go back to Mr. Motisi for future union business, pretty much explains it all how you operate sir. Do I really need this abuse from Motisi going forward in my life? It shows how unprofessional your union operates and the huge lack of community sensitivity knowledge by you and your employees.

I am requesting the report from the investigation by Mr. Conigliaro and the information about the accusations by Mr. Motisi by the end of September.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


Wolfgang Busch

Naturally I had to request the following from the Hertz president, Chair and Executive Board members:

Subject: Investigation request into the HR Atlantic Region employee Heather Camerano, HR Business Partner Leighann Keehn-Bertuzzi, HR at LaGuardia David Vissering and Jennifer Hutt, VP Louis Franzese and LaGuardia City/Area Manager Jason Stiles.

Hertz Car Rental Posts by Management
"Disciplinary action will be taken against us, leading to termination"

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